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International Divorce Solicitors In London


International Divorce Solicitors In LondonInternational Divorce Solicitors In London

As the number of people moving around the world has increased, so has the percentage of international relationships, families and children that have connections with more than one country. This has been followed with a rise in work for international divorce solicitors in and around London.

Depending on which country is dealing with the divorce, determines the outcome of the financial provisions. It’s important to be aware of the differences as they could determine the outcome of your case. This applies to both European counties and to other countries around the world.

Even with a family of average resources there can be substantially different outcomes in different countries. Once again, the differences between countries are important to acknowledge from the outset, as urgent action can be necessary to protect your position and ensure that proceedings are started promptly in the country whose divorce law best benefits you. For example, within the European Union if the proceedings of a divorce case had taken place, the case would have to proceed in the country where the case was first opened, so you might have to compete to begin the proceedings first. If you happen to find yourself in a similar circumstance to this, we’d recommend talking to one of our International Divorce Solicitors in London as a matter of urgency. We’d be able to act quickly so your interests would be protected.

If the jurisdiction where proceedings may be started is not within the European Union, it is still important to act quickly but in most other countries the place where the proceedings started will not necessarily be the country which deals finally with the case. The jurisdiction to which the couple in question is most closely connected to determines where the matter will take place in regard to the approach of an English court in respect to a non-EU county’s court. The Court has discretion in this and the dispute is likely to be expensive.

In the past we dealt with a case where another party had issued the proceedings for a divorce in the United States as they knew the outcome would be less likely to fall in favour of our client rather than if they issued the proceedings in England. Due to our quick actions, we were able to successfully have the case heard here in England.

We will investigate in advance what the benefits are likely to be of choosing one jurisdiction rather than another and whether the costs of a dispute are likely to be worthwhile. We have a network of international contacts whose expert knowledge will be utilised to best advise you about the likely outcome of your case in various parts of the world.


At Craig Solicitors we have over 30 years of experience in international divorce. We are experts in this area of law and welcome your queries, please contact us below for further information.

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